St Mark's Mansfield




Our Thanks for a Harvest of Talents


Harvest Thanksgiving


October 2014 is “Creation Time” when we: 


Green ideas with Spiritual Values!

Give thanks for all creation

Say sorry for the ways we dominate and exploit it and look for change

Ask God to help us have a better relationship with nature

Celebrate all the goodness of the earth

Harvest Sunday at St Mark’s is on October 12th 2014. As part of our 9:30 service we’ll be collecting donations of food for those locally who are going hungry.

An Agape is an ancient Christian word for a party just for the sake of sharing and loving one another. We host Agapes for the wider church here at St Mark’s. A “Diggers Agape” in late spring where we each bring something that “has never been bought or sold” to share and a LOAF Agape in the Autumn where we each bring something “Local, Organic, Animal-friendly, Fair Trade/Free” to share. This informal event involves some time for storytelling and reflection around good food and company of friends and strangers. Watch out for details of the next Agape event!

Harvest and Local Schools and Community Groups
Harvest time is a great opportunity to work with our local schools and community groups on themes of ecology and faith. We’re proud to work with High Oakham and Sutton Road Primary Schools and with Tichfield & Oakham Surestart as well as our own uniformed groups at St Mark’s. And don’t forget our monthly “Green and Wild” gardening group and Juniour Wildlife Watch.

Coming Home to Mother Earth
An article in Green Christian by Revd Dr Keith Hebden, where he explores how one of Jesus’ stories helps us understand our way home to a better relationship with the earth.



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