St Mark's Mansfield

Music at St Mark’s

St Mark’s Choir | St Mark’s Organ | St Mark’s Music Group music bw


Click on the links below to see the Music which will be used in St Mark’s Church


Music for June      St Mark’s Music for June 2017

Music for May      St Mark’s Music for May 2017

Music for April      St Mark’s Music for April 2017

Music for March      St Mark’s Music for March 2017

Music for February      St Mark’s Music for February 2017

Music for January     St Mark’s Music for January 2017



We welcome our Choir back from their summer break


St Mark’s Choir take a well deserved break during the month of August

We are grateful to our Musical Director, Mike Smith, and to the Choir for the beautiful music they produce week by week and for all the hard work they put in to their preparation


Thank you

Thank you also to Mike for taking the time to record hymns and music so that when no organist is available we are still able to sing our usual Mass settings

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