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The Meaningful Treat Box : A Halloween resource for 5-11 year olds
A new resource designed to help with mission work on, and leading up to, the eve of All Saints (Halloween) has been produced by the Meaningful Chocolate Company. It is suitable for Light Parties, outreach events, schools or for children who call to trick or treat on 31st October.

Inside each pack there is a bag of Fairtrade chocolate buttons and a Challenge Activity Poster. The poster has eight challenges  including a quiz, maze, word game, a call to buy Fairtrade, a prayer suggestion, a national competition with a prize, and a challenge to treat someone less well off by donating to a children’s charity.
Each box costs £30 (there are 30 packs per box – £1 per pack). Each box also includes an ideas sheet for leaders. There is free delivery if ordered by September 30th. Visit



ZacchaeusOn the last Sunday in October (2016) our Young Lions, Lion Cubs and Boys’ Brigade/Youth Club retold the day’s Gospel reading of Zacchaeus wanting to see Jesus.

The readers and actors  showed us all why we are proud that they are part of our worshipping community at St Mark’s. 

It’s not often that the song “Zacchaeus was a wee little man, and a wee little man was he … ” plus all the actions is accompanied by a grand piano!

Well done everyone and THANK YOU



Churches Quick Guide to Halloween


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