St Mark's Mansfield

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Welcome to the Hotel St Mark’s Mansfield! 2014

It’s been a busy ‘Green and Wild’ Weekend with a visit form the Royal Horticultural Society on Friday and our monthly meet-up on Saturday. But while Crafty Cakes met on Saturday morning, some of us were outside being a big crafty with some old pallets and other bits and pieces to help the Junior Wildlife Watch make a Bug Hotel!

There’s lots to look forward to and to plan for the Green and Wild group: we’ve won £250 to spend on fruit trees and bushes and we’ve been given some advice by the RHS as well as Carla’s mate Mac from the Sumac Centre in Nottingham.

Both the churchyard and the Community Garden are looking better than ever with some beds cleared, a few things moved around, and a new herb spiral ready to plant up. But most exciting of all (for me anyway!) is the Bug Hotel half way up the Church driveway. Have a look next time you’re here!

Isobel: "Snapped the amazing bug hotel."

Isobel snapped the amazing bug hotel