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Pew sheets, Nifty Notes & Diocesan Updates

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Pew sheets

      21 July 2019      14 July 2019      7 July 2019

Order of Service 30 June 2019      30 June 2019

23 June 2019      16 June 2019      9 June 2019      2 June 2019


Life at St Mark’s 2018 – 2019

During the year we pray for all the Streets in our Parish, click to download

Our Parish Streets 2019


Diocesan Nifty Notes

      July 2019 Nifty Notes

June 2019 Nifty Notes      May 2019 Nifty Notes      April 2019 Nifty Notes

March 2019 Nifty Notes      February 2019 Nifty Notes      January 2019 Nifty Notes

Diocesan Communications Updates Click here for the Southwell & Nottingham news pages


Bishop Toy announces plans to retire in 2020

The Bishop of Sherwood, the Rt Revd Tony Porter, has announced that he will retire on 22nd March 2020, after 42 years in ordained ministry. Bishop Tony, who will be… More

Encounter the Living God
The second of the ‘Encounter’ services being held as part of the OneLIFE mission takes place at All Saints Clipstone on Monday 15th July at 7.30pm.

The service, being led by the Archdeacon of Newark, David Picken, offers refreshment and encouragement to those who have been Christians a long time, and for those taking their first steps to faith.

It will be a blend of the liturgical and informal, with the focus on the Word and Sacrament, and is an opportunity to invite a friend or neighbour to church. More details on the service and oneLIFE

Archbishop releases oneLIFE video
The Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, has released a video encouraging people to get involved in the oneLIFE mission, which takes place in Southwell & Nottingham this September.
He urges people to explore life and to  discover “one life in Jesus Christ”.
The mission will see more than 15 visiting Bishops and their teams supporting a whole range of outreach events organised by churches across the diocese.
Click here to watch the video and to access resources to support the mission.

The YoungLIFE initiative to celebrate and revitalise children’s ministry across the diocese was recently launched by Bishop Paul at the Diocesan Conference. Churches and benefices are invited to apply as soon as possible to become one of 21 churches committed to making step changes in their ministry with children and to be part of a learning community. There is more information and an on-line application process at:

Lead thieves alert
Churches are being urged to be vigilant, especially in the Bassetlaw area of the diocese where a gang of lead thieves is thought to be at work. They have struck in Retford, Hayton, Bawtry and Misterton. For advice on this issue contact DAC Secretary Jonathan Pickett.

General Synod

 What Churches need to know about Pokémon Go


2 thoughts on “Pew sheets, Nifty Notes & Diocesan Updates

  1. Can you put a thank you in the next pew sheet to Tristan Jones and David boot for staying with me after boys brigade on Monday to wait for the paramedics when I had a gallstone attack

    • Dear Adam,
      I’ve just taken over sorting out the web pages and have noticed your comment/request.
      I’m sorry if it hasn’t been replied to previously.
      Would you like me to get this in the next pew sheet as a belated thanks to David and Tristan?
      Best wishes,

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