St Mark's Mansfield

From the garden seat

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wp_20161204_10_52_28_proLast autumn, John O’Leary, one of our community gardeners, renovated an old seat that had been donated to us.   It now has pride of place in the memorial garden and on a sunny day it’s a comfortable spot to curl up and take some time out.   Thank you John!

Jackie (pictured here), writes, “Please could I give a little praise to our wonderful gardeners who keep everything nice, especially the piece I call my oasis on a sunny day.

It’s the bench in the remembrance garden where, armed with coffee and biscuits, I can sit and watch the world go by lost in thought and reverie and after a while one doesn’t notice the traffic going by.   You just see the different colours and think of kingfishers flashing past.

There’s a quote that says,” We have no time to stand and stare”.   NO  but we can sit and have a coffee!”

Thank you Jackie.   If you sit there on a warm day you might smell the wonderful scent from the winter honeysuckle blooming along the wall.   The flowers are small and insignificant to look at but the fragrance is quite overwhelming.


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