St Mark's Mansfield

Dutch Gold

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Here’s a ray of sunshine to brighten the gloom of approaching winter.   It’s rose Dutch Gold blooming in the memorial garden on a late November day – a wonderful plant with dark green leathery foliage apparently bred in Wisbech, Lincolnshire and named Dutch Gold because it won a gold medal in the Hague.

Dutch connections …….  Antoinette Lucassen, one of our St Mark’s choir members has roots in the Netherlands and has shown a keen interest in the development of the community garden.   Peter Bounford, past member of our Boys’ Brigade and serving team, currently lives in the Hague and is still in touch with his group of ex-BB friends, Joe Gallagher, James Elliot, Martin Jackson and Richard Turner .   He has been transporting large bags of compost by bicycle to the small paved backyard of his flat in order to fill raised beds in which to grow vegetables and flowers!

Our church family is much more than the group of people who meet on a Sunday morning.   We all have links and influences beyond the church walls and our extended family is rich and organic in its transformations.   Each week we pray “We thank you that when we were still far off, you met us in your Son and brought us home”…….. “May we who share Christ’s body live his risen life, we who drink his cup bring life to others, we whom the Spirit lights give light to the world”

This rose may seem small and insignificant but it’s a real gem shining out like a beacon in our church garden.




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