St Mark's Mansfield

“Green and Wild” – Isobel Bounford: 2014

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Sheila, Keith, Martha, Bethany and I had a lovely afternoon in the Community Garden yesterday. Thought you might like to know what we did so you’ll know what there is to do if you have a minute to drop in.

We started by moving the shed round so that the door faces the garden in an inviting sort of way. You’ll notice it now lies at a rather jaunty angle and needs a bit of ‘tlc’ with hammer, nails and some roofing felt. When there are more pairs of hands it could do with levelling and going back on its breeze blocks.

Martha, Bethany and Keith made a bug hotel (just inside double gates) with a fundamentally organic theme. Spot the musicalA rare "Spiked Speedwell" reference!

Martha and Bethany carefully tied up the beans round their cosy wigwam and found a whole family of snail friends. Keith tried out the new strimmer and declared it ‘a useful bit of kit’.

We picked up some topsoil from a house opposite the allotments … (a two person job to lift) and we can just help ourselves.

Great to meet Mac who dropped in with some lettuce seedlings. Thanks for your encouraging comments Mac!

Sheila weeded round the runner beans which are ready for the 6ft canes standing alongside the smaller ones. Look out for the opportunistic bindweed which is masquerading as runner bean and needs carefully weeding out.

Isobel weeded the rose bed under the copper beech at the front of church. It now needs a layer of rotted compost/manure to feed and enrich it, followed by a layer of weed-suppressing wood chip mulch that’s piled in front of the compost bays.

And we all shared homemade scones and strawberry jam! We’d love you to pitch in and help any time you feel able.

See you soon


I’m intrigued by a flower that has come out at the top corner of the wildflower area nearest the path in front of the church door.   I googled ‘purple spiky flower’ as well as looking it up in my book of wildflowers and came up with spiked speedwell.   What do you think?   It’s rather lovely anyway!



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