St Mark's Mansfield

Flash Flood Hits Tichfield Park: 2014


This blog entry was originally posted by Fr Keith Hebden when he was our Associate Priest

This week we were amazed by the effect of a flash flood that caused a bit of drama on Nottingham Road. One minute we’re enjoying the sunshine in the Wild and Green Community Garden at St Mark’s in our shorts; half an hour later we’re in our wellies wading across to Tichfield Park. Flash floods are becoming an increasingly common site in some parts of the country and they’ve been in our prayers.

With this reminder of the increasing climate chaos we trust that it is within the will of God that ‘creation itself will be set free from its bondage to decay and will obtain the freedom of the glory of the children of God’ (Romans 8:21), we commit ourselves to the transforming work of God in nature and spirit to the glory of God.

Check our dramatic short video below (Also on The Chad – thanks for sharing, The Chad!)


3 thoughts on “Flash Flood Hits Tichfield Park: 2014

  1. Thanks for the video of the flash flood affecting Nottingham Road and Titchfield Park. I used to play in Titchfield Park as a young child about 55 years ago. It hasn’t changed much since then. Indeed I was in the area a few weeks ago going down memory lane. I was heartened to see the sweet shop still there opposite the park gates and St Marks also unchanged though I was in the choir at St Peters. Sad to see the almshouses on Portland Street deserted – surely they could be renovated and brought back into use as homes (?). Amazed to see the water flowing across the grass in the park and flowing down from the road.

  2. Hi Robert,

    Thanks for getting in touch. It is sad about the alms houses – beautiful buildings – there are lots of brown field sites around the town that need investing in but we’d particularly like to see that space put back to good use.

    St Peter’s and St Mark’s choirs come together once a month for joint Choral evensong – we’re blessed with talented musicians and singers across the churches and it’s great to join together.

    • Dear Keith. The two choirs coming together is good news. I sing bass now in the choir at St Giles in the Fields in the west end of London. The area between Nottingham Road and Rosemary Street, along with other areas near to the centre of the town has changed so much with many houses, pubs, factories and shops having disappeared and streets such as Lord Street and Bishop Street seeming marooned by roads. On the bright side the station is providing a much needed and revived link between Nottingham and Worksop and the market place and some historical buildings survive.

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